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Building Your Custom Home

Building a new home is often the result of years of dreaming, planning and saving. This is a complex process that can take some time to complete, so ensuring that each step is efficient and timely can best be accomplished with focused expertise on your team. Besides your architect, designer, and key consultants — this team should include your builder as a resource that can ensure your design and value engineering can let you meet your budget and functional needs

You’re going to rely on your builder over a long period of time, so you want to be sure that the builder you select has the project management experience, integrity, skilled trade partners and experts, and a personalized customer service approach through the entire project. Guidance and education are critical to getting true value in this process.

Our approach is simple: We do that by providing our clients with turnkey and cost-effective support services including all elements of your new custom home project. From conceptual design to engineering, design reviews, and permitting through material selection, daily subcontractor management, and budget assurance.

And our client’s tell us that they truly appreciate our clearly defined approach that’s supported by honest, frequent, and direct communication.

Our Process

Step 1 – Scoping & Design

Clear and effective communication is critical to developing and documenting an understanding of the scope, style, finishes and budget to make every Custom Home project successful.

Our process to define and clarify your needs is thorough, including:

  • Physical lot evaluations and consultation with engineers and experts to assess potential building restrictions on every lot.
  • We then proceed to partner with clients to understand their goals for the size, features, and key elements of each home. We do this through customized questionnaires, scoping and design review meetings, multiple designs and iterations with our architects and design partners or the design team you select.
  • Hand in hand with you, Y Co. will help make your vision of perfection a reality on paper, in your mind’s eye, and through the permitting and building process that follows.

Step 2 – Cost Estimates, Schedule & Contracting

Once you are comfortable with the final custom home design, we will again reach out to proven subcontractors and tradesmen to finalize the project costs and set a workable schedule.

With over 20 years working with key partners in South Carolina, we have a number of outstanding craftsmen and subcontractors that work as an extension of our team and who meet or exceed our standards of excellence.

As such, their interest is the same as ours — your satisfaction. Based on final costs and material selections, we’ll work through a simple, yet protective contracting process for the custom home project and start the ball rolling.

Step 3 – Permitting, Site Preparation & Construction

Permit acquisition can be time consuming, costly, and complex. Our process strives to address the building department’s priorities and needs — the first time.

After completing all the design and permitting requirements, under the orchestration of the Y Co. management team we will proceed quickly with site preparation including clearing and grading. Construction will proceed according to our schedule with subcontractors and craftsmen working together and in close sequence to minimize the amount of time needed to complete the quality project.

Step 4 – Completion & Ongoing Support

For Y Co. , completion of your custom home is more than just cleaning-up and walking out.

Once any remaining punch list items are addressed, we will meet and provide you with a final project binder and package including:

  • As-built drawings
  • Agency permits
  • Manufacturer/supplier cut sheets
  • Appliance warranties
  • Additional valuable project information

Always seeking to improve our processes, we will also solicit your feedback and input on the project. And even then, Y Co. is still not done — we stand by our work, responding to any questions, concerns, or warranty items that come up. We are local and committed to your long term satisfaction.

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