Truly Custom Home Builders

From your home’s conception to its completion, each step is carried out with excellence. We dedicate ourselves to taking attentive care of the people who have put their trust into our company. We want to pass down to future generations our parents’ heritage of hard work, trust in God, and treating our customers as though they are family. You cannot purchase this caliber of dedication. It’s freely given at our company.

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The Process

“Our Process Is Our Brand”

We Begin Our Initial “Sit-Down” Meeting With

Two Questions…

“What Is Your Budget” and “What Are Your ‘Must Haves’ ”

“It’s Not Just Business… It’s Personal.”​

​This is not only our slogan, but also who we are. This is the way business used to be, and it’s how business should be! It is our hope that you will give JDM Building Group an opportunity to show you how we bring your home’s plan to life. We specialize in things thought impossible. Allow us to demonstrate for you the level of professionalism and satisfaction our clients have received, as we have built them an affordable, yet beautiful, product. We have some of the most highly satisfied homeowners in the business.

​​​At JDM, we pride ourselves in keeping our business​​​ personal.

JDM Building Group is Ready
to Build your New Home!!

Let’s Get Started

Home Plan

Using REVIT 3D Architectural Design, our JDM Architectural Designer will work closely with you in our Design Studio to create a profile of your new home “possibilities”.

A Concept Plan will then be created and will become the initial “prototype” of your emerging home plan. Once the Concept Plan is completed to your satisfaction….

The fun begins! Our Designer will work with you over the coming weeks to develop and finalize every detail of your custom new home design.

Property Inspection

We will schedule a site visit with you to view your property, discuss the ideal placement of your home, and advise you on the best options to “marry” your property with your new home design.

Your Plan will be designed to maximize the views from the most important areas of your new home. JDM is an expert at scattered site building lots and will take responsibility for all aspects of lot development.

We will handle the coordination of lot clearing, concrete drive and walkways, water/well provisions, sewer/septic service to your new home, as well as the rough and final grade of your property and then present it ready for your landscaper.

Contract Presentation

JDM will then present to you the specifications and exact pricing of your new home. Please remember, since we are designing to your budget, JDM will present the scope of the home within the budget that you have defined. Once you have signed an agreement to build, at JDM there are no unexpected construction overages, unless you request a change.

Design Selections and Pre-construction Meeting

We will assist you through the entire process of design, including all interior and exterior selections for your new home.


We will assist you in locating the best financing option available as we enjoy a good relationship with most lending institutions in the Midlands area. Your construction loan, in most cases, can be closed and your new home project ready to begin within 30-45 days of finalizing the loan application.

Great company! Michael is an honest man!


Such a pleasure to work with. It’s not just business, it’s personal. They live up to their slogan.

Mary Ann

The best home builders in Lexington SC & Columbia SC!